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The Rational Investor Trading Course Review

The Rational Investor is a website who give a daily outlook on the markets which they call a “daily brief” its around 1-2 hour long per day and I have watched them religiously the past year and a half. The first half is the overall outlook of the stock market, they cover some macroeconomics, some option trades and show some good setups we can use to help our trading plan. I have picked up many good tips from their daily briefs and there is a group of traders posting in their chat rooms everyday which has alot of value.

Here is a list of benefits of their subscription

  • chat room
  • daily briefs
  • screeners
  • huge library of resources
  • intergrations (more coming)

The Rational Investor is constantly evolving and improving and they are continuously listening to member requests. Some people charge 99, 270 and 500 USD for the exact same value that they provide, but they only charge 40 USD per month if you pay monthly, and 25 USD if you pay annually. (for the daily brief subscription and chat room)

I have a code here where you can sign up for a free 7 day trial and then get 50 USD off their course, if you later decide to buy it. https://www.therationalinvestor.com/?discount=F50xOFF

I have finished level 2 on their course and I have 1 more level to do. Their courses are amazing and you get all the support you need during your course. This is seperate to the subscription, but the subscription is currently free if you pay for the course.

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